Dharmafy is about living in your Dharma. The act of living in your highest alignment, your highest vibration. Our goal is to empower, awaken and bring tools to help others become "Dharmafy'ed"

Dharmafy is a conscious company dedicated to raising the vibrations of humanity through meditation retreats, transformational festivals, events, and humanitarian products.

Dharma means cosmic unity. 

Yatri Abundance & Amanda Joy have been involved in many transformational communities around the globe. Together, they bring meditation and community through events, music festivals, retreats and humanitarian products. They had both suffered with anxiety throughout their life, which led them down their own meditational paths. This gave them the courage to become leaders, to guide others to peace, stillness and tranquility. They have both produced several successful meditation retreats and festivals and are constantly creating more. 




Yatri Abundance is a dedicated seeker of truth, dedicated to assist in the awakening of humanity. A walking embodiment of Love. He graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and has devoted his life to learn about Community. He has travelled to over 30 countries and lived in multiple ashrams learning about a wide variety of communities and ancient mystery schools. Yatri is a neo-sannyasin of the enlightened master Osho, which is who he got the name from after taking sannyas at a meditation retreat.

He has been on the path of enlightenment for 7 years now. His peace didn’t come so easily. His anxiety and depression was so bad when he was living in Los Angeles that he felt as if he was dying, which led him to a psychiatrist who brought him from medication to meditation through giving him an Osho book. After struggling for many years with addiction these active meditations had the ability to cleanse the emotional body and calm the mind enough to find peace. He lived at an Osho Ashram in the jungle for 1 year in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with a modern day enlightened master working for 12 and sometimes 24 hours a day constructing a beautiful ashram.

He has founded Dharmafy, a transformational event production company that also offers products with a purpose and has founded a harmonious co housing community in San Diego, California by the name of Blissville and is on the way to found another community home in Southern California. He has produced four successful transformational festivals and continues to produce more. His is currently on a festival tour, where he feels that the vibration of “Heaven on Earth” is the closest to reality.


Amanda Joy is a light worker with the purpose to bring love over fear. She is a professional henna artist, a certified Reiki healer, spiritual guide, and women's circle leader who has brought emotional support and healing to over 80 women and children battling the effects of chemotherapy.


She has a heart dedicated to empowering others by bringing awareness to the power of positive mindset and breaking the negative perspectives of stuck fears. She is a master of emotional intelligence and instinctual intuition. Having lived in 3 countries, visiting over 14, and working intimately with refugees from all over the world, her knowledge in cultural and spiritual intelligence has given her ability to communicate and listen to others on a deeper level.


She is an entrepreneur owning her own business at the age of 26 called Happy Henna. With her mission to use her artistic skills to bring healing and happiness through the art of henna. At the age of 28 she created a nonprofit called Henna Crowns of Courage which gives beauty to women and children who lost their hair due to Chemotherapy. This led her to create a Podcast and Youtube channel to share these women's stories. She has led many women's circles and guided personal healing sessions to thousands through her art form.


- www.HAPPYHENNA.com